Zigzag Travelers

Website, Graphic Design

Zigzag Travelers is a travel agency based in Manila, Philippines, that focuses more on the destinations within the Philippines. Their goal is to let the people experience the real culture that surrounds the Island. Both to foreigners and locals alike.


Since this is their debut, our role is to give a face to the brand. In this case a website, which was planned accordingly from features, and functions to ease of navigation. The design’s destination and booking features are custom-made to showcase the scenic view of the places as well as perks that come along with it. Currently the brand have updated their site to accommodate more features and destinations.


Since most of their target market are backpackers, we made sure all collaterals are handy and simple. For the stickers we came up with a very simple concept., the idea is based from an insight that every luggage is important to anyone who travels. So we created our own fragile stickers, and guess who gets to travel along with you and your luggage? It’s Zigzag Travelers. It will be an instant reminder that you traveled with Zigzag and how you are pampered like a fragile little luggage. The brochure on the other hand is also as simple as the sticker, we just made sure it fits in your pocket.